Crime reporting line


To report a crime we invite you to read our Prevention Model in order to be able to fill out the Online Reporting Form correctly.


Copefrut Crime Prevention Model

In order to prevent collaborators or people related with the company's activities from committing crimes such as, bribery, money laundering, financing terrorism, handling stolen goods or any other crime, we have implemented the Crime Prevention Model, in the framework of complying with the current statutes of the Chilean Law 20,393

Fundamental Pillars of the Copefrut Crime Prevention Model:

  1. Crime Prevention Officer
    In order to carry out this model and to follow-up reports, the company has designated an officer. Our Crime Prevention Officer is our Internal Auditor, Rodolfo Zuñiga, who is in charge of monitoring whether the Copefrut S.A. Crime Prevention System is working efficiently.
  2. Reporting channel
    We have a channel for reports that is accessible on-line through our web page and the intranet. This channel allows workers, collaborators, growers, providers, and other stakeholders to make a report in the case that they are aware or suspect that a crime has been committed. Additionally, any occurrences can be reported directly to the management or communicated directly to the Crime Prevention Officer.
  3. Safeguarding the identity of the informant
    This reporting channel is anonymous, unless the informant expressly wishes to identify himself or herself. In this case Copefrut S.A. promises to treat this identification with the maximum security, safeguarding the honor, credibility and safety of the informant.

Fines defined by the Law 20.393

If a crime is committed in benefit of the company, and the company does not have a prevention system in place, Copefrut S.A. can be sanctioned with:

  • Dissolution as a legal entity (closure of the company).
  • Temporary or definitive prohibition to enter into a contract with the state.
  • Partial or total loss of tax benefits.
  • Fines of up to 300,000 UTM (monthly tax unit) (approximately USD 22,000,000).

What happens if as a worker I do not comply with the crime prevention system?

In the case that a collaborator does not comply with their obligations of vigilance, reporting, training or any other established by the Crime Prevention System, they can be sanctioned with:

  • Verbal warning
  • Written warning
  • Fine of up to 25% of their daily wage
  • Termination of contract

The above does not impede Copefrut S.A. from initiating legal actions if the case requires it.

All reports will be made using the form found in this Reporting Channel, which once submitted will be managed only by the Copefrut S.A. Crime Prevention Officer.

The workers, collaborators, growers, providers or other related people promise to make their reports in a serious, well founded and responsible manner, in which they can inform Copefrut S.A. of their suspicions of any violation regarding the law or company policies, norms and procedures such as:

  • Wrongful payment
    Any payment made unduly, or for an amount above the legal limit that is made to a Chilean or Foreign public official or any economic benefit paid in kind or other goods.
  • Financing of unlawful activities
    Any suspicion that money, goods or in kind contributions from Copefrut S.A. could be destined to finance illicit activities, such as terrorism or other criminal activities and any suspicion with respect to the participation or connection of employees, collaborators or providers of Copefrut S.A. in any such activities.
  • Use of illicit funds
    Any suspicion that money, goods or contributions of any kind received by Copefrut S.A. could come from illicit activities such as drug trafficking, Weapons trafficking, kidnapping, or any other crime and any suspicion regarding the connection or participation of employees, collaborators or provider of Copefrut S.A. in any such activities.
  • Corruption between private companies
    Collaborator, provider, client or other that asks for or accepts economic or other benefit, to favor the hiring of a particular offeror instead of another.
  • Misappropriation
    Appropriation of money or others generated by a valid contract and which obliges its restitution after the defined period.
  • Disloyal management
    Punishes the person responsible for managing the goods of a third party, who by abusing their faculties and omitting certain actions harms the Company.
  • Other reports
    This same reporting form can be used by workers, collaborators, growers, providers and other people related to inform Copefrut S.A. of their suspicions of any violation regarding the law or company policies, norms and procedures.