Commitment to country

Community work

Involved in our community, every two years we carry out campaigns with positive impacts in schools in vulnerable areas, related to the children of our seasonal workers.

These campaigns are denominated 1+1; that is, the workers raise half the funds and the company contributes the other half. Through these campaigns we have constructed:

  • Polivalente Japon School: Canteen facilities.
  • Linares School: Bathroom refurbishment
  • Teno school: Playground equipment.

We have also shown solidarity with Teleton, a Chilean institution that rehabilitates and empowers children with disabilities.

Chile Exporters Association

Since its origins, our company has contributed to the Chile Exporters Association (ASOEX). improving the standards of Chilean fruit and its market positioning.

See some of the campaigns that we have developed together

Recognition of
our journey

Throughout our history we have been recognized for our constant concern for the quality of life of our collaborators and communities, as well as for developing good practices in the area of innovation and certifications.

Best 2017

First place in the category medium sized companies in the prize for Best Company for Employee Financial Future 2017.

Best 2018

The company's concern and commitment to its collaborators' financial future is highlighted.

Carlos Vial Espantoso Foundation

In 2006 we were recognized for our permanent and outstanding labor relations.

SERNAM (Chilean National Women's Service)

In 2010, Copefrut is certified as a company with good employment practices regarding gender equality.

Chile Unido Foundation, an institution that acknowledges companies in the area of conciliating family and work

In 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 Copefrut receives the prize for Innovation.

Asoex-Gualcolda Prize

This prize is awarded annually to a group of outstanding women who work in the national fruit industry and who represent an example of life and work and who serve as role models for society in general.


Recognition for being one of the companies with the highest number of certified personnel.


Recognition in the category "Outstanding Project".